Turmeric’s Vast Benefits

June 02, 2020

Turmeric’s Vast Benefits

Turmeric is the main spice in the Indian dish curry that gives it its rich yellow color. It has been used for thousands of years as a spice and traditional medicinal herb. The health benefits of turmeric are incredibly vast and have been extensively researched. Many argue it is the most powerful herb on the planet because turmeric is good for fighting inflammation and disease. Skin benefits of turmeric have also proven to be effective – warranting the occasional at-home turmeric face mask.

Recently, science has started to confirm what Indians have known for a very long time – turmeric really does contain compounds with medicinal properties.

Curcumin helps land turmeric a spot at the top of the list for most frequently mentioned medicinal herbs. The benefits of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, include powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is very strong antioxidant support, making it responsible for the many health benefits of turmeric.

Most studies about the herb use turmeric extracts. These extracts contain mostly curcumin itself, with dosages usually exceeding a gram per day. These levels would be very difficult to reach using just the turmeric spice in food.

Therefore, if you want to experience the full effects, you’ll need to take turmeric supplements that contain significant amounts of curcumin.

After finding a good, potent turmeric supplement, it is important to remember that not all turmeric supplements are created equal; they vary in potency, absorption rate, etc.

And unfortunately, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream.

This is where CurQLife® comes into play.

CurQLife® is a patented turmeric formulation with extensive clinical trials, showing a 48-fold higher bioavailability than standard curcuminoids and 10x higher bioavailability than the market leading brand.* Most turmeric supplements have such a low percentage of absorption that the turmeric is disposed of without use; leaving you at a loss when it comes to enjoying all the health benefits of turmeric, and the benefits of curcumin alike.

CurQLife® was created in response to this issue. Patented technology allows for 80% curcuminoid release at 30 minutes and 95% dissolution within 1 hour and has been proven to enter the bloodstream and remain for 24 hours at the recommended dosage level. Further, CurQLife® has the highest level of free curcumin entering the bloodstream than any other brand on the market. Why is this important? If free Curcumin is not entering the bloodstream, the body will not be able to enjoy the many benefits of curcumin.

Other Benefits of Turmeric

Though it’s most prevalent benefits are fighting inflammation and joint discomfort, turmeric is good for a number of other uses. For example, turmeric seems to lower levels of blood fats called triglycerides making it possibly effective for treating high levels of cholesterol. More so, most available research shows that taking curcumin, the main ingredient in turmeric, reduces depression symptoms in people already using an antidepressant.

The skin benefits of turmeric are also said to be worthwhile. Since turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, turmeric may provide glow and luster to your skin. You can mix up your own at-home turmeric face mask with small amounts of Greek yogurt, honey, and turmeric. Keep it on for 15 minutes then rinse with water. Other skin benefits of turmeric may include helping with acne scarring and psoriasis, however, more research is needed before that is conclusive.

Side Effects from Turmeric

Naturally, before taking any supplement, one should research and consult with a physician to see if the supplement is right for you.

Upon researching side effects from turmeric, you will find that both turmeric and its main ingredient curcumin, are generally considered safe without any serious side effects.

The only known possible side effects from turmeric appear when it is taken in large doses or if you have preexisting gallbladder problems.

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