CurQlife For Pets

Why CurQlife For Pet Joint Health?

CurQLife® is a patented turmeric formulation with extensive  clinical trials, showing a 48-fold higher bioavailability than standard curcuminoids and 10x higher bioavailability than  the market leading brand.*CurQLife® patent technology allows for 80% Curcuminoid release at 30 minutes and 95%
dissolution within 1 hour. Most other turmeric brands have such a low percentage of absorption that the turmeric is disposed without use. CurQLife® has been proven to enter the bloodstream and remain for 24 hours at the recommended dosage level. Further, CurQLife® has the highest level of free
curcumin entering the bloodstream than any other brand on the market. Why does this matter? If free Curcumin is not entering the bloodstream, the body will not utilize the positive benefits of turmeric.