Derma Divine Skin Shield with CurQlife

DERMADIVINE Collagen was formulated to support healthy collagen formation for glowing, plump skin and healthy hair and nails. This formulation is guaranteed to support radiant beauty from the inside out. We combined our DERMADIVINE with Vitamin C to boost collagen in your skin to further extenuate the wonderful benefits of collagen for our skin. We have included our clinically tested Turmeric called CurQLife® in our DERMADIVINE formulation. CurQLife® acts as a protector from the sun as well as help give the skin glow and luster.

  • Collagen supports beautiful radiant skin*
  • Biotin, an important B Vitamin that supports skin and hair health*
  • Vitamin C to help in healthy collagen construction*
  • CurQLife® is a powerful antioxidant. They act as a built in anti-oxidant and
    sun block at the same time.

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